On 03/10/2014 04:09 PM, Alex Kotenko wrote:

> ​Yes, ​I'm certain about that we need to switch to BIP70 asap. As I said
> earlier - support among the wallets is the biggest problem here really.
> Only Andreas' Wallet supports it right now AFAIK, and even in there it's
> only as "LABS feature", so will be turned off for most of users.

Just a small clarification here. Bitcoin Wallet supports the customer
side of the protocol since 2011, without any "Labs enabling"! This means
you've got an install base of half a million devices that you can
interoperate with. Sure, a lot of users will have Bluetooth switched
off. The UI flow to enable it while paying is pretty smooth though.

The merchant side used to have the Labs enabling but this is gone since
a few weeks.

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