> Not sure if you've seen it, but here is how we do NFC right
> now http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGOMIG9JUY8 with XBTerminal. 

Thanks for the video! It's always good to see these things in action so
you can start believing in it.

> For now this is just an NDEF URI message with Bitcoin URI inside, and
> then transaction itself propagated to the network by the phone using
> it's own Internet connection. Far not ideal, but even this is supported
> only by Andreas' Wallet, so we cannot move ahead alot really until other
> wallets will have some support in this area.

Supporting Bluetooth is optional in the sense that if a wallet should
not support it, you will still receive the transaction via the P2P
network. So I'd say definately go for Bluetooth.

> As you see - it's taking just few seconds, most of which is manual
> payment confirmation.

I wonder about the receipt step -- are you generating a PDF on device
and sending it via NFC? This is something that could be supported by the
BIP70 payment protocol. We should try to avoid the second tap, its not

> And btw, have you been to London
> lately? Oyster readers now accept contactless cards directly along with
> Oyster cards itself.

Contactless cards? Last I was to London, the Oyster card was already
contactless. Have there ever been magnet-strip-based Oyster cards?

> I wonder if eventually in future we could add
> bitcoin support into that system directly, without hardware replacements.

Neat thought (-:

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