2014-03-06 17:03 GMT+00:00 Mike Hearn <m...@plan99.net>:

> About the video - I'm curious how your device is better than just a
> regular tablet. Could you give us the elevator pitch? :)

sure, here:
- tougher than phone/tablet. Phone dropped on the tiled floor is likely to
die instantly. Our device is designed to survive everyday intense use and
drops on the floor also.
- cheaper than phone/tablet. Usual phone/tablet costs few hundred bucks,
our device on mass scale will be definitely cheaper than that. Maybe a
noname chinese tablet will match on price, but then again what about
- simpler than phone/tablet. Phone app needs some basic understanding to
operate. Cheap cashier employees hired by small corner shops might find
this a challenge.
- safer than phone/tablet. No option to install random apps on it. And no
temptation to steal it from the counter.
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