On 03/06/2014 07:03 PM, Alex Kotenko wrote:

>     Supporting Bluetooth is optional in the sense that if a wallet should
>     not support it, you will still receive the transaction via the P2P
>     network. So I'd say definately go for Bluetooth.
> ​Yes, it's part of the​ plan. Just again - I need to make sure we
> support all major wallets. And no other wallets actually support NFC by
> now, not talking about bluetooth. So I imagine we will decide and
> implement together some solution here, both on the wallet and POS sides,
> but I will have to keep URI method and even QR codes for backwards
> compatibility, and wait for other main wallets to accept innovations
> before we will be able to completely switch to it.
> As I said earlier - bluetooth support for my POS is not a problem, we
> can plug it in easily and make it work. Support among all
> hardware/software and polished user experience - this is a main thing
> here really.

Sure, take all the time you need.

All I wanted to say is you don't need to break Bitcoin URI compatibility
in order to support direct payments via Bluetooth. It's simply an
add-on, both in the BIP21 and the BIP70 cases.

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