he was 8 years old. A few of the other sheep do have snotty noses as
well. I'll call the vet.

_Michael, Perino Ranch Blackbellies

On Fri, Sep 11, 2015 at 4:10 AM, Mark Wintermute
<winterm...@earthlink.net> wrote:
> You did not mention how old Marley was.  I suspect he did have some age to
> him.  OPP (Ovine Pulmonary Pneumonia) could be involved.  There is no cure
> for OPP and it is contagious.  Your vet can assist you on testing.  If it is
> OPP you will want to test the rest of your flock.  OPP is not rare here in
> the United States.  Rest in peace Marley.
> Mark
> Marley had gotten skinny lately, and I de-wormed him, probably too late. He
> also had a runny nose.  I had not taken the time to have a vet come out and
> see him, since a few other sheep also have runny noses, and they always get
> over it, and they look strong.
> in any case, he died today. I've never dealt with this particular case
> before so, sorry for the graphic questions.
> When I tried to pick up his head to move him, a large amount of light brown,
> very watery liquid came pouring and I mean "pouring" from both nostrils. It
> smells. Not super strong, but not pleasant. I tilted his head and I am sure
> I got about half a pint. I am sure there's probably another half pint in
> there for sure.
> I am thinking pneumonia?
> If so, I imagine I should get the vet out to hear some lungs on the still
> living?
> Thanks in advance for your help in this.
> I plan to have his skull preserved and glue that broken horn tip back on, so
> I can have a nice reminder of him.  His rack was magnificent.
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