#10624: rustc-1.25.0
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Comment (by ken@…):

 Yesterday, fresh builds on my ryzen were working fine. Today (in my
 personal timezone :) they each rebooted during the tests. Eventually for
 other reasons (my buildscript exiting after the build, both on the ryzen
 and on another machine) I dropped back to using python2 and got a
 successful run of the tests.

 So, while having gdb installed helps on ryzen it is not a panacea and you
 still have to  ask yourself "Do I feel lucky?" if running the tests.

 I will note that *all* builds report an error near the end of the build,
 miri fails to compile because of multiple potential crates for `log`. This
 is not anything to worry about (and you really do not want miri, it just
 adds space and time and the tests it enables are disabled by default).

 After some more testing (build and reinstall librsvg on rustc built with
 system llvm, test some of its users) I intend to show a DESTDIR install
 for this, followed by root installing by copying, to allow building as a
 user without root having to download and compile all the cargo files for
 the install. That should be cleaner than what is currently in the book (a
 benefit of updating rust before it becomes imperative for firefox, with
 time to review the options). The disk space DOES go up like that, of
 course, but 1.25 seems to be bigger than 1.22 (no surprise there) and the
 DESTDIR+system-llvm space is smaller than the space used by the source
 files (after running tests) if using the shipped llvm

 I've also tested rustc, and then firefox-60beta, on an 8.2 system where
 llvm was 5.0.1 and the build with system llvm worked fine (got that from
 slackbuilds!). But using system llvm is messy, e.g. when config.toml is
 parsed, the text specifying llvm-config seems to be executed even if it
 has been commented (the resulting config.toml is ok, but the 'help' output
 from llvm-config appears on screen.

 Hmm, checking the space, I realise I need to remeasure without running the
 tests. </sigh>

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