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> De: Bruce Dubbs 
> Assunto: [blfs-dev] iced tea
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> Data: Sexta-feira, 19 de Outubro de 2012, 14:37
> I've been looking at updating iced
> tea.
> <rant> I'm into problems because the make files have
> hard coded paths 
> into make files.  /usr/bin/head (which is in /bin) and
> /bin/touch (which 
> is in /usr/bin/touch).  What are these guys
> thinking?  why can't they 
> use the PATH? </rant>
> Has anyone else seen/solved this problem.  I'm
> addressing it right now 
> with symlinks.

In previous version, I used icedtea-2.3.2-fixed_paths-1.patch (took previous, 
in anduin, and renamed)

Would it work, or isn't it exactly for that? I did not investigate much, but it 
seems the correct location appear im my OJDK log:

$ grep /touch Downloads/blfs/OpenJDK- 

Only "headless" appeared in:

grep /bin Downloads/blfs/OpenJDK- | grep /head

BTW, last time I talked about attitude, was never meant a negative sense, I 
liked that (positive) attitude. Apologies if it seemed otherwise.

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