Aleksandar Kuktin wrote:
>> On Fri, 19 Oct 2012 12:37:53 -0500
>> Bruce Dubbs <> wrote:
>> I've been looking at updating iced tea.
>> <rant> I'm into problems because the make files have hard coded paths
>> into make files.  /usr/bin/head (which is in /bin) and /bin/touch
>> (which is in /usr/bin/touch).  What are these guys thinking?  why
>> can't they use the PATH? </rant>
>> Has anyone else seen/solved this problem.  I'm addressing it right
>> now with symlinks.
>>     -- Bruce
> Wow, wow, wow, wait! Isn't the correct solution to patch the makefiles?

Possibly, but I'm just doing a preliminary build.  Looking at

it appears that this can be adjusted with setting some environment 

But using those seems to upset the build in other places.  So far, the 
problem seems to be limited to head, touch, and find.

   -- Bruce

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