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> De: Fernando de Oliveira
> Assunto: Re: [blfs-dev] iced tea
> Para: "BLFS Development List"
> Data: Sábado, 20 de Outubro de 2012, 19:31

> real    231m51.964s
> user    229m51.144s
> sys    18m15.361s

I remembered that I did not state what these times meant: the total build
+ tests. So, I looked back to my script and log, and found I had the
instruction just for the time taken by the tests in the log:

real    177m2.930s
user    165m13.636s
sys 12m31.719s

> Do not remember SBU.
> Just to compare, last LibreOffice- build, with j4,
> took
> real    68m25.200s
> user    227m14.552s
> sys     12m42.693s

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