On 10/30/2012 08:17 PM, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> I'm in the final stages of checking all the BLFS packages for
> compatibility with LFS-7.2, but need some help.  I can't easily check
> the following:
>    gnome/applications/sound-juicer.xml:  Needs GNOME

I can check this one.

>    multimedia/videoutils/dvb-apps.xml:   Needs TV card

This one was added by Andy and I don't think anyone else ever used it. 
Plus, there are no releases - only snapshots. Is it worth keeping?

>    networking/netutils/wicd.xml:         Needs wireless card

I use NetworkManager, but can easily check this one if necesary.

>    pst/scanning/sane.xml:                Update to 1.0.23  Needs scanner
>    pst/scanning/xsane.xml:               Needs Scanner

How about _built tags?

> If anyone can validate that the above packages work with the current
> instructions with LFS-7.2, I'd appreciate it.
>    -- Bruce

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