Armin K. wrote:

> general/prog/gcc.xml:    &lfs70_checked;
> xsoft/other/inkscape.xml:    &lfs71_checked;
> xsoft/other/blueman.xml:    &lfs71_checked;
> I can help with blueman and inkscape if you like, but not before the
> weekend, I guess. I am not sure about GCC, I've built gcc, g++ and
> gfortran in LFS. I don't feel the need to build all compilers.

I just checked inkscape and blueman.  Both built but only inkscape ran 
properly.  I've marked them appropriately, but not committed yet.  I've 
just started working on gcc.

If you can check blueman and get it running, we can change that to _checked.

I hope to have gcc done today and then start working on the upgrades in 
the ticket system.  There are 12 open, but I'll not touch giflib-5. 
Take whatever you want.

   -- Bruce

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