Armin K. wrote:
> Dana 13.11.2012 22:26, Fernando de Oliveira je napisao:
>> --- Em ter, 13/11/12, Armin K. <> escreveu:
>> I am just following the book. But libsoup could not be installed without
>> glib.
>> I think glib should be *required* in libsoup. It cannot be built without
>> glib. At this moment, it is not in the required list in that page.
>> Configure script looks for it.

> We tend to use "dependency chains".
> On libsoup page it says that it depends on glib-networking.
> glib-networking itself depends on gsettings-desktop-schemas
> gsettings-desktop-schemas depends on glib.
> So, you should have had glib installed before you've built libsoup or
> you didn't build mentioned deps.

Guys, please trim your responses.

I'd like to add that we should only use required packages in the 
"dependency chains".  As Armin shows above, that is true for libsoup.

   -- Bruce

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