On Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 02:51:16PM +0000, Ken Moffat wrote:
> And if I use wget the default filename is c61f5f5ead... .tar.bz2 but
> the directory within it is mozilla-release-c61f5f5ead.../
> Fine if you have a wide screen in which to read the book ;)
> I suggest that we recommend using wget so that we can change the
> filename, but I'm ambivalent about whether we should make the name
> firefox-59.0.tar.bz2 or mozilla-release-c61f5f5ead... ?
> In either case, the book will need to note that the tarball creates
> a directory called mozilla-release-c61f5f5ead... (and I'm inclined
> to use dots rather than write out all 40 hex digits, except in the
> link).
> Opinions ?
Looking at the firefox page, it already has a lot of Notes, so I'm
expanding those.  The download will point to the canonical site,
using the full URL, but in one of the notes I will use a shortened
URL with wget (the full one overflowed the boxes for the user input
and for the note) -

wget -c https://tinyurl.com/firefox-59-0-tar-bz2 \
     -O mozilla-release-c61f5f5ead48c78a80c80db5c489bdc7cfaf8175.tar.bz2

I've checked the md5sums, both the c61f5f5e... and the
mozilla-release-c61f5f5e... match (as expected), so I'll go with
that.  I've also put the 40-hex-digit hg version into an entity so
that I can refer to it in the Notes.  Looking at my working copy in
links, the wget example fits inside 80 characters so it should be
fully visible even in 80x25 terms.

Now to measure it some more...

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