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> I should mention I can't even bring up an xterm window if I start X as a 
> non-root user.  The window flashes briefly and disappears. Also, while 
> using a root user xterm, I can't "source SomeScript.sh" but can 
> "./SomeScript.sh."

 I'm starting to think that you have more than one problem.  They
might be related, but you probably need to tackle one at a time.

 I think it might be easier to start with the xterm-for-regular-user
problem.  I guess you are trying to do this from your .xinitrc file,
so I would _log_ the output of startx (both stdout and stderr), and
end X as soon as you can after the term window has disappeared.
Then look at the stdout/stderr messages and also the log from X
itself, and perhaps the system log too [ segfaults often show up in
that ].

 You might also try the same thing on the non-broken system, to
compare the messages - X generally reports a lot of things, some of
which can look scary [ particularly when shutting X down ] but what
you want to examine are the new/different messages from the broken

> I'm really at a loss as to how I messed this up.

 That's the "joy" of this pasttime - we each get to make our own
unique mistakes, and then try to reassemble something from the
broken pieces.  With luck, we learn from whatever we do wrong and
also remember enough to either not make the same mistake again, or
at least to recognise it when we do.

 Generally, understanding what we have done wrong only comes when we
have understood the resulting problem.  And sometimes the
explanation for what really triggered it may only become apparent
_much_ later, at least in my own experience.  For the moment,
concentrate on understanding the problem(s), and then on resolving

 Unfortunately, you have to do most of the legwork yourself.
Sometimes, 'strace' is sort-of-useful in finding where a program is
getting an unexpected result [ albeit with voluminous output ], but
I think you first need to pin down where a problem is happening.

 At the moment, all I can do is try to encourage you and wish you
good luck.

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