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> This is a stretch, but I should mention I compiled BLFS/X with an older 
> kernel than I used in compiling LFS.  I found I booted to a blank screen 
> after compiling LFS with the 3.13.13 kernel so I reverted to my LFS/BLFS 
> 3.10.10 kernel.  I did post the problem to LFS support "Blank screen 
> when booting with 3.13.3 kernel. - LFS 7.5" but didn't get a resolution 
> and wasn't told I couldn't use an older kernel.  It was a surprise to me 
> I could revert to an older kernel.  I specifically asked the question in 
> my post.  I will re-compile LFS with the 3.10.10 kernel if suggested.

 I thought you did get a reply to that point, but it looks as if I'm
confusing it with a different thread and perhaps that was on
lfs-support.  Short answer : as long as the kernel version is at least
what you used for --enable-kernel= when compiling glibc everything
should continue to work.

 I say "should" because you have already discovered that things
sometimes break with newer releases, and equally newer releases
contain fixes for older versions.  In awkward areas (I'm guessing
you have an intel video controller), fixes for some machines can
break other machines.  By the same token, an up-to-date kernel
release might have already fixed the problem.  But getting a working
term in X is obviously more important.

> I should also mention I've continued past my basic X installation and 
> have no problems other than xterm.  I can run X, connect to the 
> internet, and run all programs I ran with BLFS 7.4 without incident.

 My evil twin suggests that you build a better terminal (urxvt), but
that would be working around the problem even if it did work for
you.  And to be honest I'm not at all convinced it will help, and it
would definitely need to be configured [ in .XResources or wherever,
and ensure that gets pulled in with "xrdb -merge /path/to/resources]
so there would be more things which could go wrong.

 Apart from what Bruce has suggested, compare _all_ the bash files
in your 7.5 and 7.4 builds.  Is /home shared by the two builds ?  If
it isn't, also compare the bash files for your regular user account.

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