On 04/03/14 17:17, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> rhubarbpie...@gmail.com wrote:
>> I echoed the file names as you suggested and prior to invoking X the
>> order is:
>> /etc/profile
>> .bash_profile
>> .bashrc
>> /etc/bashrc
> That is correct.
>> However, I saw nothing when starting X.
> That's wrong.
> So I redirected the output to a
>> file.  Prior to starting X I see the above.  I then nuked the output
>> file and started X but nothing wrote to the file.  I attempted the same
>> with BLFS 7.4 and my output after starting X is:
>> .bashrc
>> /etc/bashrc
> That's what you should see in 7.5 also.
>> Yes, 'type source' produces "source is a shell builtin" from my BLFS 7.5
>> command prompt and xterm window.
> OK.
> I don't recall if you are using ?dm or using startx.  I assume right now
> it's startx.  What are the contents of ~/.xinitrc.  This is starting to
> point to a possible xterm issue.  If you are not doing so right now,
> please use twm for testing.
>     -- Bruce
Yes, I use startx.  My ~/.xinitrc file contains:


If I remember correctly, I did test with twm prior to initially posting 
the problem.  But I'll use twm for all future testing.

My guess is also xterm.  I replied to a post yesterday that I had tried 
rxvt.  That's true, but in retrospect, I believe I brought it up from an 
xterm window - hence, not much of a test.

What about xinit or startx?  Xinit is the same size on 7.4 and 7.5 but 
startx differs.  I responded to another post that I have great 
confidence in my ability to make mistakes.  That is unfortunately true.  
I initially missed the libXft-2.3.1-freetype_fix-1.patch in the Xorg 
libraries which caused problems with my xclock.  Xinit requires twm, 
xclock, and xterm.

However, I quickly re-ran the Xorg libraries with the necessary patch 
and xclock came up.  I also restored my raw LFS image and compiled X 
from square one (several times) before posting.  X starts, and 
everything works but for the xterm prompt and inability to source.

I bird-dogged the compiling of every package.  I also had a friend check 
from twm on this morning.  If there's an error, we're just not seeing 
it.  But with that said, there very probably is an error we're just not 

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