The mortgage people will cover their risk no fear. The insurance will be enough 
to recover any outstanding mortgage and little more.

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  As an addendum on your comments the insurance the mortgage company may get
  could only cover the structure and not the contents. It is also, mose
  likely, not going to be replacement cost either.

  Should a major disaster strike Jennifer could still be liable for the
  difference between what the insurance company will pay and the mortgage is
  still owing.

  Cy, The Anasazi

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  Is money a motivator for your husband? I believe you have a mortgage on 
  your home. Mortgage companies won't allow you to go without insurance. 
  Thus, if you can't get your own insurance, the mortgage company will sell 
  you insurance and you won't be happy with how much they will charge you 
  either. So, you are either going to have to spend some money on repairs, 
  or you are going to spend money on very expensive insurance. Sorry to be 
  a downer.

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