Hello Everybody,


Well a lot of work was finally accomplished at my house this weekend. It is
not everything that needs to be done and some of it still needs some
finishing work to make it look pretty, but at least it is not looking
derelict anymore. I spoke to my husband over and over about the money and
the mortgage and he just acted like I was exaggerating.  He finally agreed
to do it after we had a big fight and I acted badly, but that is apparently
what it took. He put in about 12 hours on Friday, and then even more hours
on Saturday, with another long day on Sunday and Monday. He should have left
for Baltimore on Monday at noon, but he stayed until later to finish some
things up.


I plan to start calling some places today and trying to get someone to agree
to insure us if we take on a monster deductible or something. My husband
insisted he was going to take care of that, but he did not and if I can not
get him to do it while he is in the same house with me I do not expect to
have any more control from half a country away. He is gone for 5 weeks this
time. I do have an unexpected houseguest who will be here for the next
couple of months and she will be helping me with finishing up the painting
and the like as she needs a place to stay for a while. That is another long
story and off topic, but I am glad to have the help.


My boys were great too. Even the four year old did some work. We used the
Tom Sawyer method and it is amazing what they were willing to do in exchange
for a turn with the paint roller.

I really appreciate your empathy and support. I do not know what to do to
keep my husband involved so these things do not all build up again, but it
was good to know that I was not out of line in my expectations either. On
the up side, the kids are now in school and my youngest receives all of his
therapy at school during school hours except one session at home once a
week. This means I have time to get some things done that require
concentration and no extra hands in the mix. I had actually already started
working on things during the first week of school before the insurance
letter turned this into an urgent issue. It would have taken me much longer
to do it that way too. I had five other adults in over the weekend who all
put in at least one full day, and some of the two days, of free labor. I
also have a handy man coming to finish of the living room celling tomorrow. 


Thanks again.





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That's correct; the mortgage company will make sure that you have insurance,
as they need to protect their investment, and it's much more costly than
your conventional insurance, thus driving up your monthly payment.


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Is money a motivator for your husband? I believe you have a mortgage on 
your home. Mortgage companies won't allow you to go without insurance. 
Thus, if you can't get your own insurance, the mortgage company will sell 
you insurance and you won't be happy with how much they will charge you 
either. So, you are either going to have to spend some money on repairs, 
or you are going to spend money on very expensive insurance. Sorry to be 
a downer.

Blue skies.
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