Hi group,

I am looking in to getting a dog. This dog will be for in doors but I 
want a fenced area for the pet to run and for us to play out in the 
air. I have an area walled up on two sides, one side the house brick 
wall and the other side a wood wall of a room addition. I am thinking 
about having the gate on the wooden wall running along the same plane 
as the wall, then running the fence at a ninety degree angle to the 
gate, perpendicular to the brick wall and joining an end fence 
running perpendicular to the wood wall of the room addition and 
boxing off the end joining the brick wall to the other ninety degree fence.
  This will give about a 25 by 50 foot area. As this will not be a 
big dog, not more than about 30 LBS. this should be enough area, 
don't you agree?

I looked at some mettle fencing, I think it was called welded wire, 
which looks like it would do the job nicely. Also looked at some 
mettle fence posts and some wire clamps to attach the fence to the 
posts. I also have an idea of what to get for the gate and it's fasteners.

Now, my concerns are what is involved in putting up the fence? Do I 
need to have the ground checked by some one to see about water or 
electrical lines I may puncture with the posts? What tools will I 
need and what methods do I need to familiarize my self with before 
starting this project?

Thanks for any help you can give.

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