>Is this possible? Based on our development model, I do not think it is
possible. We know that in Bugzilla there are end user requests for new
features which have been sitting there for years, because either there
was no request from the same feature by enterprises willing to pay for
them, and there were no developers willing to work on them.

I think this is important for network effects that haven't been realized by 
LibreOffice yet.

If I have time this evening I will try to find the article; but when a 
company/organization builds software with personal users in mind you end up 
with happier Enterprise customers. Collecting personal user feedback and 
implementing I would argue should be the priority of TDF, while enterprises can 
focus on Enterprise contracts.

Essentially the argument is if it looks good, and feels easy to use, people 
will want to use it at work as well. Word of mouth marketing is quite powerful 
for organizations with low budgets.

I think moving towards the TDF fixing some of those user-requested bug fixes 
should be a priority for the TDF as you suggested the TDF could do Italo.

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