On 15/07/2020 15.11, Telesto wrote:
> The 'free beer' argument starting to become annoying;-). I'm hearing
> lots of self-pitty.
> Nobody asks a company to contribute to the LibreOffice code (for free).
> Yes, it belongs to a model where you believe in.
> If you believe code be open source, while making profit, it's also your
> task to come up with a business model generating revenue.
> [...]
> Op 15-7-2020 om 14:22 schreef Michael Weghorn:
>> I fully agree that it's unfortunate if migrations to LO (and FLOSS in
>> general) are/were done/encouraged only because it's "free as in free
>> beer", "no cost at all", which certainly isn't key to success for either
>> the enterprise nor the LibreOffice ecosystem.

Besides the ecosystem company (and sustainable LibreOffice development)
point of view, my comment above was also meant for the "direct" customer

In my opinion (and from own experience at the City of Munich),
LibreOffice (and other FLOSS software) is often not suitable for many
large enterprises "as is", so a good way of managing the lifecycle and
getting issues addressed (i.e. professional support of some kind) is
required to make it work well and users happy.

The problem is that if management was persuaded it was a good idea to
introduce LibreOffice just because it's "free as in free beer", you
won't have (and will have a hard time getting) the resources to handle
issues appropriately, so it's better to avoid wrong expectations.


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