Hey there,

hope I can help. Is the Boom still visible on your network by any chance
so you could control it in your browser? Or directly via infrared remote
control? In that case, it may be just the display's power supply that
failed. This kind of fault can be fixed easily.
How do the button backlights behave on power-up? Do you observe any
flicker or randomness in the backlight?
There is a strange "sudden death" issue with Booms nobody knows how to
recover. I have two units in this mode here, an no repair approach
helped so far. I hope it's not that.
On the other hand, Booms are still available in eBay or similar. They
are still not cheap but nothing better is available nowadays...


PN me if your Boom / Classic / Transporter display has issues!

LMS 7.9.0 on Windows Server 2012
1x Squezeebox Classic SB2
7x Squeezebox Classic SB3 (one waiting for repair)
7x Squeezebox Boom (two waiting for repair)
1x Transporter
2x Controller (one waiting for repair)
3x Touch (two waiting for repair)
1x Radio
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