On Feb 12, 2018 7:10 AM, "bpa" <bpa.8ck...@no-mx.forums.slimdevices.com>
> The plug are compatible but that does not means the amps are
> sufficient.
> The PSU for Radio is rated at 18v @ 1A
> Boom PSU is 12V @2.5A or 18V @ 1.67A
> So using Radio PSU would probably not have enough power.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------


I have never seen anyone answer a technical question with such lack of
technical understanding.

You cannot do what you wrote.  The Boom PSU is 12 VDC, it will not put out
18 VDC ever.

Plugging in the Radio PSU which is 50% higher voltage the Boom requires
will likely destroy the Boom.

If the original poster did what you suggested, he would likely destroy his
Boom and you would be responsible.

Please do not answer technical questions when you don't even understand
fundamental DC voltage laws.

Go take a electronics course please.

Thank you,

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