rodry wrote: 
> I try to change Power with another (from my boom radio) but no
> difference.

Bad idea! The Squeezebox Radio uses 18 Volts, the Boom only 12 Volts.
Connecting a Radio's power supply will probably destroy the Boom.
You may be lucky and it's just a few voltage regulators that were blown
but it's hard to say where to start. Could just as well turn out that
the Boom is a victim of the sudden death syndrome and would not even
come back to life after replacing all blown components.
I can give it a try but this is practically hopeless, sorry...

PN me if your Boom / Classic / Transporter display has issues!

LMS 7.9.0 on Windows Server 2012
1x Squezeebox Classic SB2
7x Squeezebox Classic SB3 (one waiting for repair)
7x Squeezebox Boom (two waiting for repair)
1x Transporter
2x Controller (one waiting for repair)
3x Touch (two waiting for repair)
1x Radio
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