djringjr wrote: 
> You cannot do what you wrote.  The Boom PSU is 12 VDC, it will not put
> out
> 18 VDC ever.
> Plugging in the Radio PSU which is 50% higher voltage the Boom requires
> will likely destroy the Boom.

I never said the same PSU put out two voltages.
I have two Booms
- a pre=produciton units as I was part of beta test which has a 18V PSU
original supplied by Slimdevices
- a production unit which has a 12V PSU original  supplied by

Plugging in 18V will not destroy the boom as the internal voltage
regulators are able to cope with 18V

Look back in the forum and you will there are many post where users have
created supplies - battery and otherwise which suppied at more than 12V

I am stating the facts.

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