JoeMuc2009 wrote: 
> Hey there,
> hope I can help. Is the Boom still visible on your network by any chance
> so you could control it in your browser? Or directly via infrared remote
> control? In that case, it may be just the display's power supply that
> failed. This kind of fault can be fixed easily.
> How do the button backlights behave on power-up? Do you observe any
> flicker or randomness in the backlight?
> There is a strange "sudden death" issue with Booms nobody knows how to
> recover. I have two units in this mode here, an no repair approach
> helped so far. I hope it's not that.
> On the other hand, Booms are still available in eBay or similar. They
> are still not cheap but nothing better is available nowadays...
> Regards,
> Joe

hey Joe, thank's for replay!
first of all the display has low light (but still working before dead).
When I power up all Buttons back lights start immediatly (strange
Reset with remote and + ... no success
I try to change Power with another (from my boom radio) but no
I try to connect Boom via LAN (removing wi-fi card and changing it) but
no difference
the boom is invisible from network (wi-fi and lan)
It seems in a hang status...
I disassemble it to replace wi-fi card and looking for other problems,
but it isn't simple to find where is the fault...

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