Dear Mr Mielke,
    Which application do you mean? Which preferences sub menu? Brltty for Windows is system service and there is only Brltty setup program, where I can choose Braille display and connection type, I can also choose if I want to install Libusbwin32 as a filter or as a driver. NVDA latest development snapshot do not contain any setting related to DOT pressure. This feature drive how much energy will be transferred to The piszo electric points inside Braille display. I Am afraid, that Braille device uses its internally stored default strongest value. I have original Braille Voyager installation CD disk from Jun 2002, and there was Tieman express special module, which could be controllable by using SAM module. And I could specify DOT pressure. It is only little feature, but very useful. Brltty for Windows 5.6 is now working for Me for 6,5 hours without crash. Really, newer use SB 3.0 port with Brltty for Windows if you are using old Braille devices manufactured in 2002 or earlier.

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