On Saturday 24 July 2010 04:08:51 olafbuddenha...@gmx.net wrote:
> Not sure why you want to exclude me here :-) 

That was just because you already said what’s missing. But your list here is 
much more useful, so the excluding was clearly wrong :) 

Am I right in reading your mail, that the real show stoppers for a pure Hurd 
environment for you are 

* Hurd related: 
    - Boot on laptop ;)
    - Non-jerky X
    - Switching between console and X
    - A full-featured high-resolution console (doesn’t good X suffice?)
    - WLAN
    - Ported Firefox
    - Flash

* Others (have to be fixed, though): 
    - NFS: climm, w3m, git

Also USB, since it’s often needed… 

Is that about right? 

Which of these would persist with Linux on the Laptop as backup?

Best wishes, 

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