On Monday 12 July 2010 08:41:49 Arne Babenhauserheide wrote:
> What is currently missing in the Hurd distibutions to make it fullfill your
> basic needs for your day-to-day work or hobby? 

I’ll try to summarize the answers, ordered by the number of people who need 

- USB (5): Arne, ms, Michael, Emilio, antrik²³
- Wireless (5): Arne, ms, Carl Fredrik, Michael (netbook), antrik (notebook)
- Sound (4): ms, Carl Fredrik, Michael, antrik²

- SATA (2): Michael, (Emilio)
- Tested for modern machines°¹ (2): Emilio, antrik (notebook)
- Stable Xorg° (2): Emilio, antrik
- PPPoE (2): Carl Fredrik, antrik²

- Graphical Desktop (1): Emilio
- Full featured high-resultion console which doesn’t need X (1): antrik
- Switching between console and X° (1): antrik
- full-featured browser (i.e. Firefox)°⁵ (1): antrik
- NFS working for climm, w3m and git (1): antrik⁴
- mplayer with win32codecs (1): antrik³
- gnash or alternatives (1): antrik³

°: Very likely needed by more people, but not named as most pressing issue

¹: It’s unclear on which processors the Hurd would have problems. Please 
report it if you have one!  
→ http://www.mail-archive.com/bug-hurd@gnu.org/msg19105.html

²: Would be OK to use a router box instead.

³: Not critical but would be convenient. 

⁴: Only while *not* using Hurd as the only machine. 

⁵: We’re close to that  
→ http://www.mail-archive.com/bug-hurd@gnu.org/msg19177.html

I posted the list in the wiki, so if something is missing or you need a 
feature someone else named but are not yet in the list, please add that.
→ http://www.bddebian.com:8888/~hurd-

Reason for the summary here: I want to write a short microblogging notice: 

    “What we need: <><><><> → <link> — for !Hurd hackers to be”

and link to the website with the summary and (short) information, how people 
can contribute. 

People might not come and contribute at once, but to me it’s another step-
stone in making the Hurd an interesting place to hack at for more people 

Best wishes, 

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