On Thursday 12 August 2010 08:10:43 olafbuddenha...@gmx.net wrote:
> However,
I still refuse to run a graphics-centric environment, just to
> do my
text-centric work on top of it. It makes no sense. I want a
> text-centric
environment, with graphics capabilities as on optional
> addition; not the
other way around.

That’s how I currently use my OLPC :) 

> > I meant: Just
using Linux on the laptop and Hurd on the desktop, so
> > you don???t have
to stop your Hurd to use Linux (I have normal uptimes
> > of a few weeks, so
I know how it hurts to restart the box :) ).
> That would be pretty much
the same fallback setup I'm running right now;
> only with a Linux notebook
instead of a linux desktop box...

Ah, OK. Then it’s clear that that
workaround wouldn’t help :)

Besides: Did something change from your
usability report last year? 

Best wishes, 

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