The speed of Comcast service, is why my brother-in law changed to ATT U-Verse about 5-6 years ago, only wires left on utility pole now, is Comcast and Centerpoint Energy power, NO ATT copper wires in this part of Deer Park.

Can't praise ATT U-Verse totally, the service in Deer Park and Pasadena barely meets the speeds I got from ATT copper wire in Southside Place with the phone exchange 2 blocks away//

Good Luck on getting back up with Comcast.


Howard Bingham


On 9/13/2016 11:36 PM, Allen Brier N5XZ via BVARC wrote:

Turns out it is not my equipment. Several of my neighbors are without internet also. I had to drag it out of the Asian woman that I am not the only one with an outage. Anyway, I am using my phone as a hotspot and it is working well.

Hopefully, they will be out in a few days to fix whatever the problem is.

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