On 09/09/18 18:27, Cantor, Scott wrote:
Would it be appropriate to make a new point release at this time to
publish these accumulated fixes?  Are there any other outstanding issues
which also need addressing for 3.2.2?

Generally speaking my time is limited to issues necessary to support my project, but 
given that I don't even need to actually ship this version if you need my 
"access" to get the release uploaded (I can't recall exactly what part I had to 
take on for 3.2.1), I should be able to find enough time for that.

If you don't have access to the dev dist repo, I can generate a release and 
stage it there if you get the docs and version numbers all updated.

I'm not sure if I do or do not have access. I'm not familiar with the steps to take to actually make a release, I'm afraid. (But I'm happy to learn if it would help.)

I have made the necessary changes for 3.2.2 in SVN r1840430. I don't think any additional changes need making, but if you could have a check over it that would certainly be appreciated.


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