On 10/09/18 13:44, Cantor, Scott wrote:
On 9/9/18, 3:00 PM, "Roger Leigh" <rle...@codelibre.net> wrote:

I'm not sure if I do or do not have access.  I'm not familiar with the
steps to take to actually make a release, I'm afraid.  (But I'm happy to
learn if it would help.)


Some of it's out of date again because of the additional version handling you 
added, but you could probably update that file.

Done. I've dropped the files which required updating, but which are now automatically generated or no longer needed. And I've updated the documentation generation instructions which are now done via regular build targets rather than a shell script.

I doubt you have access to these repos, but you could do a quick test commit to 


I have access to this one.

https://dist.apache.org/repos/dist/dev/xerces/c/3/sources > 

I have no access to these two.

I have made the necessary changes for 3.2.2 in SVN r1840430.  I don't
think any additional changes need making, but if you could have a check
over it that would certainly be appreciated.

I believe you'll need to update the release information pages inside the site. 
Build the site from your sandbox and grep for 3.2.1 and you'll find the pages I 

So the procedure here is to copy doc/html/* to site/ and then commit the changes?

According to the release procedure, this should be done last of all? Looks like I could potentially do this step, but should wait on approval and completion of the other release steps before doing so?


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