On 10/09/18 18:38, Cantor, Scott wrote:
On 9/10/18, 1:28 PM, "Roger Leigh" <rle...@codelibre.net> wrote:

So the procedure here is to copy doc/html/* to site/ and then commit the

Yes, that's the final step since that updates the download links and such.
According to the release procedure, this should be done last of all?
Looks like I could potentially do this step, but should wait on approval
and completion of the other release steps before doing so?

Yes, I can upload the sources once they're voted out.

If you have the site files more or less correct I can do a build this 
afternoon. I'm going to make one change to the doxygen files, I want to add a 
warning to a method that's not implemented correctly that is confusing a number 
of people.

I don't have any further changes to make. I think all the changes of version information and release information in parts (1) and (2) of the release procedure are complete. I've tested (3) and (4).


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