Since so many people enjoy the contrary circling in The Wheel, you might
enjoy this one as well:

Suicide Square

It is extremely chaotic!  You can reduce the chaos slightly by getting the
band to stop randomly during the circling, at which point everyone grabs a
partner; the band waits a few seconds while everyone finds a partner and
decides whether they are Heads or Sides, then gives two notes and starts the
next Heads Gallop.

I modify it to give a bit more recovery time:

Start in a big square around the room
A1:     Head couples take partner in a ballroom hold and gallop eight steps
into the centre and back
A2:     Sides gallop eight steps into the centre and back
B1:     All the men form an outer circle facing in, while the ladies form an
inner circle facing out. All circle left then find a new partner
B2:     Partner Swing - stop early enough to decide whether you are now
Heads or Sides - Heads get ready to gallop

There is also The Muffin Man Jig:

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