I got some off-list questions about Green Mountain Ski Wedding, and I
figured I'd answer them for everyone, since the description isn't
completely clear.

Someone asked about the DSD in A1, but not in B1. You could put a long
lines there. This dance doesn't really stay square to the music. So while I
have a whole group oval in A1 with a DSD, B1 is just a whole group oval.
It's a very "squishy" dance.

Someone asked why the A2 slalom is up the set rather than down:
It's up because the top couple is at the bottom at the beginning of A2.
The path they take moves through some number of couples, such as:

[image: image.png]
(Please excuse the drawing in MS Paint, let me know if it doesn't come

When working with young kids, I'll tell the couples standing on the sides
to pretend to be trees, and have the skiing couple dodge and weave through

Green Mountain Ski Wedding
> Longways/Proper/Beginner
> A1 -----------
> Whole Group Oval Left until across from partner again
> Partner Do-si-do
> A2 -----------
> Bottom (was top) couple slalom (weave) back and forth up the set (cutting
> through lines)
> B1 -----------
> Whole group oval right until across from partner again
> B2 -----------
> Partner allemande Left
> Partner allemande Right
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