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> I got some off-list questions about Green Mountain Ski Wedding, and I
> figured I'd answer them for everyone, since the description isn't
> completely clear.
> Someone asked about the DSD in A1, but not in B1. You could put a long
> lines there. This dance doesn't really stay square to the music. So while I
> have a whole group oval in A1 with a DSD, B1 is just a whole group oval.
> It's a very "squishy" dance.
> Someone asked why the A2 slalom is up the set rather than down:
> It's up because the top couple is at the bottom at the beginning of A2.
> The path they take moves through some number of couples, such as:
> [image: image.png]
> (Please excuse the drawing in MS Paint, let me know if it doesn't come
> through.)
> When working with young kids, I'll tell the couples standing on the sides
> to pretend to be trees, and have the skiing couple dodge and weave through
> them.
> Green Mountain Ski Wedding
>> Longways/Proper/Beginner
>> A1 -----------
>> Whole Group Oval Left until across from partner again
>> Partner Do-si-do
>> A2 -----------
>> Bottom (was top) couple slalom (weave) back and forth up the set (cutting
>> through lines)
>> B1 -----------
>> Whole group oval right until across from partner again
>> B2 -----------
>> Partner allemande Left
>> Partner allemande Right

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