One resource that Luke didn't mention which I have found very useful is Thomas Green's barn dance website:
You can sort by formation, level of difficulty, dance name, etc. I've gotten a lot of goodies here.

A dance that I picked up a few years back (and thought was by Luke but apparently it isn't) and have gotten a lot of use out of is Circle Shuffle. I call it Middle Muddle, and now have no idea who wrote it. Works well for adults too.
A1 (8) Partner Do-si-do
      (8) Partner two hand turn
A2  (8) Circle left
     (8)  Circle right
B1 (8) Into middle/out
      (8) Into middle/out
B2 Promenade through the middle of the circle to a new spot.

If your group is on the large side, you may want to change it to
B1 Into the middle and back, then all promenade through the middle to the other side (the chaos of which will extend all the way through B2). If your group is a little better at sorting themselves out, then the extra into the middle and back as written might fit just fine.

On 5/15/2019 6:45 AM, Luke Donforth via Callers wrote:
Hi Charles,

I'm tweaking the subject line slightly to help the next person find this in the archive ;-) As Bree Kalb mentioned, Linda Leslie has a wonderful collection. <>

There are also a lot of resources available at New England Dancing Masters:
a lot of those books are geared at school programs, and I think would work well for you.

*Other people's dances:*

Heel Toe Polka:
I hadn't seen it with the clapping version, but these were the top hits on YouTube.
You could get rid of the "pass through" and make it go back the other way.

Les Saluts (note: AAB tune)

Kings & Queens (from the NEDM books, written by Peter Amidon)
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