I lead dances at a local library for their annual Fairy Tale Ball. 
We get a variety of people who participate, but my overall impression of 
the event is a room full of knee-high princesses.

    I generally start with a no-swing, non-mixer version of Circassian 
Circle.  The participants have partners, sometimes more than one, but 
they stay together and I don't worry about who is on the right or left. 
Instead of ladies and gents to the center I say things like, "Everyone 
wearing red to the center," or "Everyone with black hair to the center," 
and so on.

    I then typically do Galopede and that tends to work OK.  After that 
I have a variety of dances I like to lead.  Chimes of Dunkirk usually 
works well and I do a longways, non-mixer version of the Heel and Toe 
Polka that usually works OK.  If the older kids pair with the younger 
ones you could do Cumberland Reel and other similar dances.

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Q: How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?
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On 5/15/2019 7:51 AM, Charles Abell via Callers wrote:
> I'm sure there is already a thread on this somewhere, but I'm wondering 
> what are your favorite dances for those in the 4-10 year old range. 
> Specifically, dances that are not mixers since many younger dancers 
> prefer to stay with a particular partner the whole time. I have a number 
> of good ones already (Alabama Gal, Haste to the Wedding, La Bastringue, 
> etc), but I'd like to expand my existing collection of dances geared 
> towards "little ones".
> Let 'em rip!
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> Since so many people enjoy the contrary circling in The Wheel, you might
> enjoy this one as well:
> Suicide Square
> http://www.ceilidhcalling.co.uk/danceviewpage.php?view=1&id=9
> It is extremely chaotic!  You can reduce the chaos slightly by getting the
> band to stop randomly during the circling, at which point everyone grabs a
> partner; the band waits a few seconds while everyone finds a partner and
> decides whether they are Heads or Sides, then gives two notes and starts the
> next Heads Gallop.
> I modify it to give a bit more recovery time:
> Start in a big square around the room
> A1:     Head couples take partner in a ballroom hold and gallop eight steps
> into the centre and back
> A2:     Sides gallop eight steps into the centre and back
> B1:     All the men form an outer circle facing in, while the ladies form an
> inner circle facing out. All circle left then find a new partner
> B2:     Partner Swing - stop early enough to decide whether you are now
> Heads or Sides - Heads get ready to gallop
> There is also The Muffin Man Jig:
> http://www.ceilidhcalling.co.uk/danceviewpage.php?view=1&id=11
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