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> On 17 Oct 2012, at 07:13, Dimitar Petrov wrote:
> > Hey Bill,
> >
> > I think t0m fixed that a week ago in trunk and it should be working. You
> might want to check the trunk of the Catalyst and the Plugin and to see if
> it works for you and probably ask t0m to upload new version on CPAN.
> This needs a Catalyst release first - I was waiting till there were a few
> more changes for that, but if it's hurting people now, we could do a new
> version with just the tiny changes I made to support this.
> Can I get a 'yes this new code works' from someone trying it before we
> ship new versions? :)

I'll try and test today.   Thanks for addressing this before I even was
aware it was a problem. ;)

Is $c->prepare_body_chunk every called anymore?   I'm wondering if that
should be removed so that if someone's app is wrapping that they would see
an error.   That would identified this issue sooner, perhaps.

I was looking at a separate issue where large uploads were stalling.
 That's when I noticed the progress bar not working.

 I saw in the logs was this:

$ fgrep Read error_log
Read error:
Read error:
Read error:
Read error:

followed immediately by a restart of the child process (testing with
Starman).   So, that's something else I need to try and track down.

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