Many Caspian Terns along the Wildlife Drive at Montezuma this afternoon. I very 
much enjoyed trying to photograph them in flight. (Now the rant..) What I did 
NOT enjoy were all the people out of their vehicles. Every single person in the 
five cars ahead of me were out of the vehicles. A young couple were digiscoping 
with a nice spotting scope on a tripod. Another woman with a large telephoto 
lens was parked in the middle of the drive and was excitedly taking photos. Two 
elderly women were down at the edge of the water snapping pictures of the 
mallows in bloom. I could go on....  I moved to Seneca Falls 19 years ago and 
have been a regular visitor since. I cannot recall a year when the foot traffic 
was as bad as I have seen it this year. There are two signs that instruct 
visitors to stay in their vehicles that drivers pass before entering the drive 
and a third reminder after the big left turn before Benning Marsh. However, I 
can understand how visitors would miss seeing them. I think this is a problem 
that needs a solution. I would like to speak to the Refuge staff formally about 
it.  If anyone would like to join me or have me relay his or her thoughts, 
please contact me offline. Thank you for your time. 
Dr. John Van Niel
Professor of Environmental Conservation
Director, East Hill Campus
Finger Lakes Community College


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