This afternoon, Thursday 19 March 2020, traveling along Snyder Rd. at Ithaca 
Tompkins Airport to listen for meadowlarks singing. 

We did hear two different singing birds, and saw one singing from the airport 

Then, the airport police caught up with us and wanted to know what we were 
doing! I told them we were out to listen for the beautiful song of the 
meadowlark. In the end, 6 police cars showed up (airport and county sheriff), 
writing down all my details and asking the same questions.

What a story. 

In the end, the airport police said, if you give them a call beforehand and 
tell them you are coming, you are allowed to birdwatch. 

But NO cameras! 

I suggested to them to add that, to the NO TRESPASSING signs. 


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