Agreed. If unity goes down then you can't dial 911. You can also use 911? and 
9.911? patterns which will wait for the interdigit timeout before sending the 
call. You may need to turn that time limit down so it doesn't sit there for a 
long time before sending the call

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</div>You need to be VERY careful if you intercept 911 calls. I would suggest 
that you become very familiar with the 911 laws in your area before you do any 
changes to how you handle the calls. Most municipalities have laws that require 
no interception and that you have both the 9,911 and the 911 route patterns. 
Just my 2 cents. J

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You could use Unity Connection to intercept 911 calls.
In few cases where this was becoming a big issue I setup a call handler that 
would play a message: "If you are trying to reach 911 press 1 or just stay on 
the phone, if you dialed 911 by mistake hang up now".

CSS on most phones -->911 --> CFA to VM
CSS on Unity-->911--> PSTN

911CallHandler -- DTMF1 --> 911
                             After Greeting -->911


On Mon, May 26, 2014 at 9:31 AM, Ben John <> wrote:
Our users are dialing 911 by mistake and cops are responding to the calls i 
think the reason being we use 9 to dial out.
For long distance it is 91 and international it is 9011 . i thought about using 
8 instead of 9 to dial out but we have some DNs that start with 8. Some of the 
guys suggest to use secondary dial tone when we press 9. Below are the route 
patterns that start with  9. Any idea how to solve this ?



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