I use both 911 and 9.911.
People are conditioned to dial 911 and in an emergency some people panic.

CDR was key on my last job to fix this.
One branch was complaining more than others and almost all of the calls were erroneously placed by a single user.

Another thing I did was direct all incoming calls from the analog trunks to the main hunt group in each branch.

I think the end user hears the 911 operator answer and realises they've dialled the wrong number. They hang up and the 911 operator tries to call back. If the 911 operator gets an RNA they will dispatch.

The end user needs to be part of the solution. They shouldn't just hang up but tell the 911 operator they've dialled wrong.

One more thing, at these branches there were only 2 analog trunks available if the network went down. I only had one of the two available to carry normal traffic (when the network is down) and had both available for 911 traffic.


On 05/26/2014 06:31 AM, Ben John wrote:
Our users are dialing 911 by mistake and cops are responding to the calls i think the reason being we use 9 to dial out. For long distance it is 91 and international it is 9011 . i thought about using 8 instead of 9 to dial out but we have some DNs that start with 8. Some of the guys suggest to use secondary dial tone when we press 9. Below are the route patterns that start with 9. Any idea how to solve this ?



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