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Thanks Fred. The Adaptec controller I'm using has a NatSemi controller and passes all IMD tests. I have an SBC floating around with a WD37xx chip so maybe I'll try that this weekend.

That is SO compatible with the NEC 765 chips that I'm going to CALL it an NEC chip.
I wonder if has the same "flash-blind" behavior following index?
I'll go out on a limb saying that I think that it will NOT give you any chaange from using an NEC chip made by NEC or generic chinese, so long as they pass Dave's TESTFDC program(s)

I don't think that any of the Gazelle formats described in:
should provide any significant problems for a FM capable NEC chip.
BUT, I could be wrong, and the 1793 is CAPABLE of doing things that NEC can't tolerate.

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