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That really depends on the drive. Ok, I think the Qume is "smart"
enough to inhibit any write to side 1 on a SS media. But OTOH, many
other drives are just happy doing anything that you request (e.g. the
BASF drives I also use).

Well, I'll add that the Qume drives aren't my favorites--my workhorse
drives are Siemens FDD-200.  Really well-built units with lots of jumper

The Qume 842s that I use are as backups.   In general, I don't care for
half-height 8" units of any manufacture.  Like the slimline 5.25" and
3.5" drives, they don't seem to hold up as well as their larger relatives.

My workhorse 8" drives are some Ye-Data half-height ones. I still have about a dozen of them as NOS. I believe they were made in 1993.


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