On Wed, 9 Aug 2017, Chuck Guzis wrote:
I'll try again--it doesn't matter if the Qume 242 (I've got one) is a
DSDD drive if you're using SS media.  Peek inside the drive and you'll
see that there are *two* index sensors--one for single-sided and the
other for double-sided media.  Unless you've got a hole punch handy, you
can't format single-sided media to use both sides.

That really depends on the drive. Ok, I think the Qume is "smart" enough to inhibit any write to side 1 on a SS media. But OTOH, many other drives are just happy doing anything that you request (e.g. the BASF drives I also use).

Oh BTW, speaking of Qume 242: this is the drive I have currently attached to my PC (running Linux) and that I use with my TI development board for doing flux level images. This drive *can't* handle hard sectored disks!
Unless... (yeah, there's a way) you do the following:
- remove jumper C (HEAD LOAD input)
- install jumper D (IN USE input)
- connect the left pin of jumper C (HEAD LOAD input) to the top pin of
  jumper HA (going to pin 10 of IC 2G)
You need to issue DRIVE SELECT *and* HEAD LOAD *and* IN USE to access the drive.


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