I spent a bit of time on this yesterday. I have four QT242s (all were NOS but 
two had broken plastic disk guides). It turns out that the only drive that 
works is one of the ones with broken plastic. So, I did a little swapping, 
connected it to my PC/AT and I now have MS-DOS 6.22 on an 8” floppy. 

Now, on to imaging. I located my Catweasel card – a CW ISA model. I also 
downloaded CW2DMK from Tim Mann so I want to play with that tonight. Even 
though the image format isn’t what I’d prefer, at least I want to try to image 
and re-create the MSDOS disk just to see if it all works.

I would still like to find a spare 8” drive of some sort – time to troll ePay 
or maybe if someone on-list has a decent spare I can buy, please contact me 

More to come – still lots of work to do on the Tarbell controller.

Rich Cini

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    for someone else's opinion of the Qume PsOS
    On 8/10/17 9:57 AM, Al Kossow via cctalk wrote:
    > On 8/10/17 9:25 AM, camiel.vanderhoeven--- via cctalk wrote:
    >> My workhorse 8" drives are some Ye-Data half-height ones. I still have 
about a dozen of them as NOS.
    > Glad they work out for you. Fairlight people like them, so I've been 
giving them away to them.
    > I wont' try to recover anything I care about on those.

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