On 08/10/2017 01:29 AM, Christian Corti via cctalk wrote:

> That really depends on the drive. Ok, I think the Qume is "smart"
> enough to inhibit any write to side 1 on a SS media. But OTOH, many
> other drives are just happy doing anything that you request (e.g. the
> BASF drives I also use).

Well, I'll add that the Qume drives aren't my favorites--my workhorse
drives are Siemens FDD-200.  Really well-built units with lots of jumper

The Qume 842s that I use are as backups.   In general, I don't care for
half-height 8" units of any manufacture.  Like the slimline 5.25" and
3.5" drives, they don't seem to hold up as well as their larger relatives.


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