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I have found a procedure in the RT-11 Documentation, which automatically creates the two tapes. The output of the msb process is too long, so you can find them here: http://www.pdp-11.de/index.php/dec-devices/tsv05ts11-rt-11-and-create-magtape-distribution-set/

The creation has worked like a charm, and without any problem.

When I boot via "b ms0" I get instantly this error, but the tape doesn't move noticeable.

001120 is the configured Last byte address. As the code ends by 001116 I have set it a little big higher, which was recommended somewhere in the 11/84 PROM documentation.

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The first thing I would do is check the contents of 1000-1116 after the halt occurs
against the what you have in the eeprom.

1120 is not a location I would expect this to halt, so either there is a problem in loading the the eeprom bootstrap or perhaps the first records of the tape are being loaded.
Do you see any tape motion?

For RT-11, you need to load device specific files at the beginning of the tape. The tape primary and secondary bootstrap which load the monitor, need to be first. The following (rough) example is for MS: @1600BPI and the RT11SJ monitor.

   Ini/Que/Vol/File:MBOT16.BOT MS:
   Cop MSBOOT.BOT MS:/Pos:-1
   Cop MDUP.MS    MS:/Pos:-1
   Cop SWAP.SYS   MS:/Pos:-1
   Cop RT11SJ.SYS MS:/Pos:-1
   Cop MS.SYS     MS:/Pos:-1
 Cop DU.SYS MS:/Pos:-1
   Cop MDUP.SAV   MS:/Pos:-1
   Cop PIP.SAV    MS:/Pos:-1
   Cop DUP.SAV    MS:/Pos:-1

… + other OS files.

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